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Beyond Goals

Beyond Goals is a team-building program designed to boost connection and increase collaboration through a set of soccer-inspired activities.


A program of Soccer Unity Project, Beyond Goals was developed in partnership with Coaching Peace and informed by change makers in the sport for development space who believe that with a bit of play and conversation, we can reconnect with ourselves and each other. 


Program Details

Beyond Goals is a three-hour team building session designed to boost joy and connection for teams of all types.

Program Goals

  • Learn about each other

  • Build connections

  • Experience joy

  • Develop empathy

  • Teamwork and collaboration

Program Outcomes

  • A playful shared experience for all

  • Increased knowledge of self and colleagues

  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills

  • Building connections among participants and understanding of our differences

In addition to the shared experiences, Beyond Goals offers each participant with a memorable take-away as well as a collection of photos to commemorate the day. 

Activity Add-Ons

For teams who are interested in expanding their outing, Beyond Goals is excited to offer add-on opportunities to our core three-hour session. Those add-ons include:

  • On-site meals prior to / following the session

  • Same-day volunteer opportunities (for those interested in a day of service)

  • Connections to local restaurants for team gatherings separate from the session


Get Involved!

Interested in learning more or signing up to join us as a Beyond Goals Partner in Play

Contact Jeremy Kazanjian-Amory to set up a call!

Partners in Play


“Play is foundational for bonding relationships and fostering tolerance. It’s where we learn to trust and where we learn about the rules of the game. Play increases creativity and resilience, and it’s all about the generation of diversity—diversity of interactions, diversity of behaviors, diversity of connections. ”

- Isabel Behncke (Ethologist and Primatologist)

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