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Soccer is more than play.

Our community programming brings together diverse populations, promoting cross-cultural understanding and building trust. We aim to create safe spaces to unite and strengthen our city through sport.


Youth Soccer Summit

Annual soccer summit in February to bring together youth programs, community members, and soccer leaders to share resources, to collaborate, and to raise the profile of urban play.


Boston Unity Cup

An adult world cup style tournament to celebrate our global city through soccer, run in partnership with the City of Boston and other community leaders. Men’s and Women’s teams comprised of immigrants and players honoring their culture and heritage enter to compete as diverse nations. 

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Kickin' with Colleges

Partnerships with local collegiate men’s and women’s soccer teams to run clinics for youth, and host youth to watch college soccer games. 


Internships & Youth Jobs

Opportunities for local high school and college students providing professional development, coaching training and experience, and connections with neighbors from diverse backgrounds.

“It’s not just about playing soccer, it’s about meeting your neighbor and learning about other cultures. It’s about youth historically excluded from soccer being able to develop to their highest potential and access to play at every level. It’s taking the world’s most popular sport and creating a hub of cross-cultural learning to strengthen bonds, reduce bias and create a caring community.”

Caroline Foscato, President & Founder

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